ARTIST: Kelly Richey
TITLE: Carry The Light
LABEL: Sweet Lucy
GENRE: Blues
QUALITY: 205 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 0h 47min 13sec total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-06-03


Kelly Richey - Carry The Light (2008)

Kelly Richey - Carry The Light (2008)
ARTIST: Kelly Richey
TITLE: Carry The Light
LABEL: Sweet Lucy
GENRE: Blues
QUALITY: 205 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo
PLAYTIME: 0h 47min 13sec total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-06-03


Ы 01. Leave The Blues Behind 3:30
Ы 02. I Want You 3:33
Ы 03. What In The World 5:09
Ы 04. Carry The Light 4:46
Ы 05. Angela's Song 4:42
Ы 06. Jericho Road 5:03
Ы 07. Run Like Hell 4:24
Ы 08. When All Is Said & Done 4:33
Ы 09. No More Lies 3:56
Ы 10. Lookin' For A Fight 2:36
Ы 11. Time For A Change 5:01

Ы Guitar virtuoso Kelly Richey has written and coproduced an all-original
Ы studio recording, Carry the Light, which will firmly grab the attention of
Ы the press and music fans everywhere. Richey’s songwriting and vocals
Ы underscore her powerful, take-no-prisoners guitar playing, firmly expressing
Ы her genuine talent and versatility.
Ы Carry the Light, released on her own Sweet Lucy Records, reflects every bit
Ы of Richey’s stellar guitar tone and style, while propelling her into a new
Ы light as a thoughtful and insightful singer/songwriter. The 11 tracks range
Ы from personal reflection, contemplation and illumination to questioning the
Ы world we live in, all the while capturing the defining sound of The Kelly
Ы Richey Band.
Ы “This CD was written with two dear friends: one is my guitar mentor, John
Ы Redell, and the other, Steve Carroll, came to me as a guitar
Ы student/songwriter,” says Richey. “Each week for four months, John and I got
Ы together and hammered out song ideas. Many songs were passed on to Steve to
Ы add either a chorus or bridge, or to strengthen the melody line. Steve also
Ы sent songs he wrote based on ideas and concepts we discussed and John and I
Ы constructed guitar parts to help make the songs come to life on the stage. I
Ы was constantly challenged by John to grow as a guitarist, and challenged by
Ы Steve to construct songs that stood alone with or without guitar wizardry.
Ы “I recorded each song in demo form in my own studio over the summer,” recalls
Ы Kelly. “After the basic framework of each song was constructed, I asked my
Ы drummer, Shane Frye, to be there as we began pre-production, and with John
Ы playing bass we’d jam to make sure that each song would transfer to the stage
Ы and work as a three-piece band.”
Ы Richey thought she would record the CD herself but soon realized she had a
Ы much larger project on her hands and began seeking a studio and co-producer.
Ы Rick Brantley ended up being the perfect complement. “Rick is a guitarist too
Ы and has a guitar player’s dream studio,” says Richey. “I asked Rick to
Ы co-produce the project because I knew I had taken the songs as far as I could
Ы and needed an outside perspective to ensure that the CD sounded like the best
Ы commercial release possible, while maintaining the character that it had when
Ы written.
Ы “Rick and I were a great fit. We decided that I needed to move away from such
Ы a ‘live’ mentality and into a more studio frame of mind, so we chose to bring
Ы in session players who could capture the foundational tracks with perfection
Ы and speed; then, we could place the majority of our time in capturing the
Ы best guitar and vocal performances that I could
Ы produce.”
Ы The result is Carry the Light, a compilation of thought provoking lyrics and
Ы powerful sounds that The Kelly Richey Band can make their own and take to the
Ы stage.
Ы Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July weekend!
Ы Don't forget to support the artists! We did.
7 июля 2008
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