' />

Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

6. Hatchetfish

They know what you did last summer.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

A hatchetfish has extremely thin body, resembling the blade of a hatchet, and tubular large eyes that are permanently fixed looking upwards - this helps them to search for food falling from above. It also gives them a psychotic look, with eyes rolled up and stuck there.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

These guys only look ugly. Inside them hides a gentle, forgiving soul, desperately wanting to cuddle up... yea, right.

7. Christmas-Tree Worm

Here is something beautiful to feast your eyes on.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

The christmas-tree worm (spirobranchus giganteus) is a small polychaete worm most often found in the Black Forest Reef and other reefs near Grand Turk.

They hide in the tubes, stick out their heads, and when threatened, pull their heads back into the tube. The feather-like tentacles resembling twin "Christmas trees" are called radioles - they filter the plankton for food, aid in respiration, and allow this worm to sing Christmas carols, very very softly.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

8. Giant Basket Star

A tangled wonder among the reefs. Just don't ask what's inside of it.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

The giant basket star (astrophyton muricatum) is an early Mesozoic invertebrate, often found around British Virgin Islands.

During the day, it curls up into a tight ball shape to protect itself from predators. At night, it climbs to an elevated point to feed on plankton by extending its intricately-branched feeding arms in a bowl-like shape. Then, it coils around its prey and the tiny hooks along the length of these arms will prevent its prey from escaping. Sounds like a healthy "Blob" feeding habits.

Here is another variety of Astrophyton, simply astounding in its classical beauty:
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

9. Furry Sea Cucumber

If it's not furry, and it's not a cucumber, then what on Earth is it?
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

The furry sea cucumber (astichopus multifidus) are crawling or rolling over the sea floor of the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Florida. If you tear it to pieces trying to find out what on Earth is it, it would not really mind. They can regenerate their body tissues... potentially filling the ocean floor with furry cucumbers - what a thought.

The "Furry Cucumber" name, somehow, perfectly fits this deeply Salvador Dali-esque creature.

10. Flamingo Tongue Snail

Flamingos don't have a tongue like that, in case you were wondering.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

The flamingo tongue snail (cyphoma gibbosumn) is a small, colorful sea snail which lives on various species of soft corals in the Caribbean.

This creature almost-literally wears its heart (soul and colors) on its sleeve... -

The pretty color you see in these images - is not in snail's shell! Rather, it's in a layer of live mantle tissue, connected to its foot - the snail pushes it out to cover the shell. The mantle tissue also works like a fish's gill.

When the snail is attacked, the mantle (and colors) are withdrawn. So you might say, this is the only marine animal that literally turns pale in fright.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2

And they're only beautiful (with all that color) while they're alive. The dead ones are just ugly white shells...

BONUS: A Piglet Squid (Helicocranchia) swimming off the shore of Nigeria. Finally a face you can trust.
Самые необычные морские существа. Часть 2
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