Standard super-duty pickups simply not enough for you? Take a gander at the SportChassis P4XL ($TBA). With a gargantuan 174-inch wheelbase and 100-inch width, the P4XL is arguably the biggest pickup you can buy, and backs it up with heavy-duty features like an 8.3L Cummins diesel with 330 hp and 1,000 ft/lb of torque, shift-on-the-fly technology, a 17,500 lb. rear air suspension and 10,000 lb. front axle, a passive noise reduction system with Dynamat to keep the interior quiet, an optional adjustable-height hitch, a Pioneer AVIC-Z3 central touchscreen controller for audio, GPS, and telephony, and the assurance of knowing that should you be in an accident, your ride will likely drive straight over the car in front of you. [Thanks, Daniel]' />

SportChassis P4XL

14 марта 2011
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14 марта 2011 12:30
нормально за грибами ездить

14 марта 2011 14:59
8.3 дизель....за грибами.....за какими???

17 марта 2011 00:43
за веселящими ))))))
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